Auditing services may be considered just a requirement by some business owners. However, auditing services are extremely technical and provide opportunities for highly specialized auditors to showcase technical expertise.

Our audit services are performed in accordance with the auditing standards adopted by the Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors (CAFR), the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and other Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (such as the US GAAS). We like to gain a detailed knowledge of your business and use this to your advantage throughout the auditing process.

Our Audit services include:

  • Financial statement auditing
  • Reviews
  • Agreed procedures
  • Management reporting
  • Assistance in designing and implementing internal control procedures
  • Financial due diligence and other transaction assistance
  • Audit for EU funds and other non-reimbursable projects

In order to accomplish our audit objectives in a highly effective manner, KCG employs a risk-based approach to auditing. Proper and accurate planning, testing and reporting, all with a strong emphasis on risk assessment, define our audit philosophy.

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