HR & payroll services

Administering your payroll is becoming every day more complex and time consuming. At KCG our team keeps fully up to date with the current legislation and submission requirements and can handle all of your payroll compliance needs, saving you both time and money.

We can provide comprehensive and confidential services of:

  • Maintenance of employee’s personal files and work records
  • HR advice
  • Advice on employment law and insurance issues
  • Preparation of monthly payroll ledgers and pay slips
  • Calculation of sick leave and paid leaves
  • Payroll statements and payroll declarations
  • Reporting to Labor Chamber (REVISAL)
  • Reporting of employers costs in different breakdowns as departments & projects
  • Assistance with drafting, amendment, termination of employment agreements
  • Preparation of labor & civil contracts
  • Client representation with the Labor Authority
  • Income tax year end settlement
  • Social securities
  • Employee assistance
  • Management reporting